What is Art Immerse?

Art Immerse began as a not-for-profit, open event in San Diego in February of 2017. The event was designed to drive collaboration among artists, designers, and creators who were looking to expand their practice and cross-communicate with others. 

It has since grown into an art collective, where members collaborate on projects in both the not-for-profit, civic arena as well as the private market.


This is a small event with capacity for 20 people.

RSVP for Art Immerse here ($100)


The event is split up into 4 parts::


Thursday, February 15th - Dinner at local restaurant with vegan and gluten free options (not included in ticket price)



Friday, February 16th - All day and evening power creation session, open only to Art Immerse participants. Lunch, coffee and snacks are included. Vegan and Gluten Free options are available.

Saturday, February 17th - A morning session to finalize our projects. Again, this session is open only to Art Immerse participants. Lunch, coffee and snacks are included. Vegan and Gluten Free options are available.


During create, participants will be invited to bring a project to work on in the lab. We kindly ask that if you bring a project please consider allowing others to join in on your creation if possible. Participants who don't have a project will be able to join creations in progress. Ticket Holders will be added to our ArtImmerse2018 Slack channel where we can discuss project details and concepts.



Saturday, February 17th - From 1pm to 4pm we will open the lab doors to friends, family and the CoLab community. During this time we want to share what we’ve made, in part by delivering workshops, talks, + demos. Any participants wishing to deliver content to the community, please contact Jake, Sophi or J Good directly to discuss further. While this is certainly not mandatory for participants, we would greatly appreciate anything you can do to share knowledge within the CoLab sphere. After we close the lab, anyone who’d like to join us on the beach at Coronado for a bonfire at sunset (5:36), is welcome to do so. Please bring a blanket or chair for yourself, anything you’d like to cook on the fire or a side grill and anything you’d enjoy as a beverage. The Art Immerse crew will be providing infrastructure in the form of fire pit, delivered wood, grill and tools, a cooler with ice, music and more.



Sunday, February 18th - Sunday morning we’ll be getting out into Balboa Park to have brunch and visit museums. This is not included in the ticket price and we’ll have no formal plans aside from a time and meet up location, to follow. Anyone is welcome to join us for this group adventure.