Gathering of the Unlimited DEVOTION 

Participation is Key!

Gathering of The Unlimited Devotion is a Civic Art Project intended to bring some of the simple joys from childhood to an adult stage. The ever-popular Sit-N'-Spin has been revolving in our hearts since youth, and we're bringing it back in full force! 

Join your friends on a pair of spinning discs, while LEDs light up the night around you! Our spinners will be fabricated in Metal, Wood and tons of Devotion, and were designed to fit YOUtopia 2018’s theme 'Vintage Future Playground'.

Unlike the nostalgic 1980s version, these spinners are sized comfortably for adults. The spinners are 3.5’ in diameter, approximately 4’ total height, and can fit two people comfortably on the wooden surface.

In the daytime, these are beautiful painted rotating sculptures, with a spiral pattern on the sitting surface, and bright colors on the highly sculpted stem and base. At night, the spinners have embedded lights beneath the surface, and emanate different light patterns as you spin. Together, these spinning sculptures make a beautiful and surreal visual.


On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam,

do we all revolve.

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Please join us on Saturday, September 15th @ 8PM at San Diego CoLab, for a fundraiser for our project. There will be games, a silent auction, drinks, music and projection art.. And best of all, it's free to get in!

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We believe in providing our work to all, regardless if you can afford to help us fund our our creation, so please come down and see what you'll have in store for you, if you decide to attend this year's YOUtopia :)
Thanks for reading!!

-AI Crew

Please visit our Indiegogo campaign page, here!

While we have been awarded an Art Grant by the YOUtopia Festival that only provides a portion of funding, and it's a highly engineered project with currently over 100 hours of engineering work and plenty more to go. Metal fabrication costs alone are thousands of dollars, and we need your help. We need to raise $3,600 in order to accomplish this goal, however, if we do, the joys of our project will be experienced by thousands, and you will have helped provide that joy!

After YOUtopia 2018, the pair of these interactive sculptures will venture out into the large revolving world, looking for a home where people can enjoy them daily. Sophi Kravitz, our engineering lead has already done this with interactive sculpture, the most recent piece having started with a Large Art Grant from Burning Man, 'Loquacious and Lovely, Mythical Talking Unicorns'. These friendly, magical creatures, had a residency at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan. We pledge to do the same with Gathering of the Unlimited Devotion!


Sophi Kravitz - Engineering Lead

Jason Good - Art and Design Lead

Jake Joaquin - Technical Lead

Dan Reeves - Content Lead

Ollie Tanner - Fabrication Lead

Rebecca Nuvoletta - Event and Promo Lead


"Got-U-Devotion" is an art project partially funded by YOUtpoia, the San Diego regional Burning Man Event. This project is underway, being built by the ArtImmerse Crew. For more info on ArtImmerse, please visit our homepage, here.


Promo Videos have been created and donated to the project by Rebecca Nuvoletta. Connect with Rebecca at:

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